XRDS Systems is developing two new testing devices that incorporate the latest science in biomechanics and are expected to improve industry’s ability to predict and prevent slip and fall-related accidents in the workplace as well as mitigate injuries in older adult populations.

The Shoe Tribometer for Enhanced Predictive Safety (STEPS) is a device for measuring shoe-floor coefficient of friction with the following unique attributes:

  • Pedigree: developed by recognized experts, STEPS represents over 40 years of slip testing experience.

  • Biofidelic: test parameters derived from biomechanical analysis of human slips better represent shoe-floor interface conditions, improving measurement integrity

  • Smart: intuitive user interface with step-by-step process guide ensures safe operation and provides real-time confirmation that test standard parameters are met

  • Predictive: advancing the state-of-the-art in whole shoe slip testing, STEPS can be used to categorize footwear traction and more accurately predict and mitigate slip risk

This device is designed for improved portability and field use. It is capable of taking whole-shoe measurements in real (not just lab) environments to improve the relevance of results and accuracy of recommended interventions.